Nexus Radio online music service.

Error while running Nexus Radio?

Vista and Windows 7 Fix
When running Nexus Radio on Vista or Windows 7 under a non Administrator account might cause Nexus Radio to crash. To fix this issue please right click on the Nexus Radio icon and select "Run As Administrator".

Internet Explorer Fix 
After installing Internet Explorer 8 some users are reporting Nexus Radio is crashing. This bug is not isolated only to Nexus Radio, but other programs are affected by this bug as well. Please try these fixes:

Fix One
1. Rollback to Internet Explorer 7 or Internet Explorer 6
2. Restart your PC
3. Download the latest version of Internet Explorer 8: Download Here
4. Reinstall Internet Explorer 8
5. Restart your PC

Fix Two
1. In Internet Explorer 8, go to Tools -> Internet Options -> Security Tab
2. Select Local Intranet
3. Click Sites
4. Click Advanced
5. Add the Nexus Radio URL:
6. Click Close and then OK
7. Select Trusted Sites
8. Click Sites
9. Add the Nexus Radio URL:
10. Click Close, OK, OK

Fix Three
1. If the above fixes does not work for you, you can rollback to an earlier version of Internet Explorer until Microsoft releases a patch to fix the error.

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